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Advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation

The principle of solar power generation

Solar power generation is a photovoltaic technology that converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy using a square array of solar cells.

The basis of the working principle of solar cells is the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor PN junction. The so-called photovoltaic effect, in short, is an effect in which electromotive force and current are generated when an object is illuminated, the state of charge distribution in the object changes. When sunlight or other light hits the semiconductor PN junction, a voltage will appear on both sides of the PN junction, which is called photogenerated voltage.

The solar power generation system consists of solar panels, solar controllers, and batteries (groups). The functions of each part are:

Solar panels: Solar panels are the core part of the solar power system and the most valuable part of the solar power system. Its function is to convert the radiation capacity of the sun into electrical energy, or send it to the battery for storage, or drive the load to work. The quality and cost of solar panels will directly determine the quality and cost of the entire system.

Solar controller: The function of the solar controller is to control the working state of the entire system, and to protect the battery from overcharge and overdischarge. In places with large temperature difference, a qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional functions such as light-controlled switches and time-controlled switches should be optional on the controller.

Battery: generally lead-acid battery, in small and micro systems, nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-cadmium battery or lithium battery can also be used. Its function is to store the electrical energy emitted by the solar panel when there is light, and release it when needed.

Advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation

1. Solar energy is an inexhaustible clean energy source. In addition, it will not be affected by energy crisis and fuel market instability.

2. Solar energy is available everywhere, so solar photovoltaic power generation is especially suitable for remote areas without electricity, and it will reduce the construction of long-distance power grids and power loss on transmission lines.

3. The generation of solar energy does not require fuel, which greatly reduces the operating cost.

4. Except for the tracking type, solar photovoltaic power generation has no moving parts, so it is not easy to be damaged, the installation is relatively easy, and the maintenance is simple.

5. Solar photovoltaic power generation will not produce any waste, and will not produce noise, greenhouse and toxic gases, so it is an ideal clean energy.

6. The construction period of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is short, the service life of the power generation components is long, the power generation method is relatively flexible, and the energy recovery period of the power generation system is short .

Post time: May-28-2023